Taxes and Fees

Taxes and Fees

JURIMED lawyers are able to provide assistance in all matters related to taxation and financial matters (including those referring to Romanian holding companies). This includes personal and corporate tax advice, matters related to VAT and payroll services in Romania. This is accomplished through our network of accountants, HR experts and business advisors in Romania.

Romania signed an important number of anti-double tax treaties with EU and non-EU members in order to create a good and appealing commercial environment. Presently, there are a series of pending anti-double tax treaties waiting to be approved with other states.

These treaties signed with Romania regulate the taxation manner of the income earned by a foreign company in another country. The final purpose is to eliminate the double taxation of income, in the country of origin and in the country where the business is being carried out.
Commonly, intellectual property in Romania is referring to specific rights to use non-material things and earn certain gains out of this using. The owners of these non-material things have exclusivity upon them and can manufacture or use them mostly in any way.

The main intellectual property rights in Romania are copyright, patent rights, property rights, trademarks, designs and trade names.

If an author has created a certain work of art and wants to protect it, he/she can use the copyrights which means that once he/she registered his/her rights on a piece of art nobody can duplicate it in full or in part without his/her approval.

The intellectual property rights registered in Romania are protected by the State Office of Invention and Trademarks (O.S.I.M.).

Romania also provides protection of international intellectual property rights, registered with the next international institutions:

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

The Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM)

The European Patent Office (EPO)

According to the Law no. 344/2005, Romanian customs provide protection to the national and international intellectual property rights.