Short stay visa in ROMANIA

Short stay visa in ROMANIA

Short stay visa in ROMANIA

A short stay visa is a visa that allows foreigners to request the entry on the Romanian territory for reasons other than immigration, for an uninterrupted stay or for more than one stay, for a period not exceeding 90 days, within 6 months as of the time of the first entry. This type of visa can be issued with one or several entries.

In the case of foreigners who travel frequently to Romania for business relations, at the request of the central administrative authorities or of the companies with high economic and financial capacity, the short-stay visa with multiple entries can be granted for a period of one year and, exceptionally, for up to 5 years. In these situations, too, the length of stay may not exceed 90 days within 6 months.

The short stay visa is granted for the following purposes:

a) Mission - to foreigners who, for reasons of their political, administrative or public utility position, must travel to Romania. This type of visa is issued to foreigners holding positions in governments, public administrations or international organizations, as well as to those who, for the purpose of their stay in Romania, have an interest in the relations between the Romanian State and their state of affiliation. This type of visa can also be issued for accompanying family members.

b) Tourism - for the foreigner who is going to travel to Romania for touristic reasons.

c) Visit - for a foreigner who intends to travel to Romania visiting Romanian or foreign citizens holding a valid residence permit.

d) Business - for a foreigner who intends to travel to Romania for economic or commercial purposes, for contracts or negotiations, for the placement, commissioning or verification of the use and operation of goods purchased or sold under commercial and industrial cooperation agreements, for training of personnel in this sense, as well as for the foreigner who is or is going to become an associate or shareholder in a Romanian trading company.

e) Transport - for a foreigner who is going to travel for short periods in order to carry out some professional activities related to the transport of goods or persons.

f) Sports activities - for a foreigner who is going to enter Romania for a limited time, in order to participate in occasional sports activities.

g) Cultural, scientific, humanitarian, short-term medical treatment or other activities that do not contravene Romanian law - in the context of justifying his/her presence in Romania.

The right of stay on the territory of Romania, granted to a foreigner by a short stay visa, cannot be extended.

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