Real Estate

Real Estate

Knowing that one of the major business opportunities in Romania today is Real Estate, we are offering unique and effective services to our clients willing to purchase real estate properties in Bucharest and all over Romania.

Just send us a short e-mail to with your requests and you will be contacted within 72 hours.

Our main service: Due diligence in Romania;
- Searching properties;
- Contract reviewing and negotiation with the developer or seller;
- DUE DILIGENCE report that includes: checking the property at the Land Registry for possible mortgages or loans, checking the position of gas pipes, water pipes and electricity lines and in-depth verification of the owner for fiscal debts;
- Assistance and representation in front of the public notary when the pre-sale or sale agreements are signed;
- Carrying out the legal procedures for registering title deeds as well as any other necessary documents.

Additional services
- Providing legal counselling and assistance in settlement procedures involving the acquisition and exercise of the right to own or use real property (land or buildings);
- Assistance and representation in front of the official institutions in order to obtain property titles or any other documents regarding the legal status of land and buildings;
- Assistance and representation in front of the official institutions for obtaining the certificates and licenses required for developing building projects;
- Drawing up legal opinions concerning the issues referring to the ownership or usage right over land and buildings;
- Representation in trial, appeal and review courts and at any other authorities to obtain the ownership right over land and buildings;
- Representation before trial, review and supreme courts in real estate claim lawsuits and carrying out reinstatement procedures;
- Our real estate lawyers can handle various complex transactions, covering the legal and regulatory issues in buying and selling, public and private construction, public works, property development and investment, property finance, property insurance, leasing/concession, and mortgages as well as recovery and security enforcement, joint ventures, special residential and office projects.

JURIMED lawyers have relevant experience in representing owners and lenders in complex real estate issues and bankruptcy matters, and handling the real estate part of major merger and acquisition transactions. Our lawyers are actively involved in all aspects of title clearing, negotiation and preparation of documents and, when required, prosecution or defence of foreclosure, bankruptcy and other related litigations.

Our team of well experienced and knowledgeable Romanian attorneys can professionally handle any type of real estate transaction always protecting our clients' best interests.