(1) The long-stay visa for other purposes is granted upon request by the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania in the country, where they have their residence or domicile, to the following categories of foreigners:

c)to those appointed as administrators of a trading company, if they prove that they cumulatively meet the following conditions:

(i)they have the capacity of administrators;

(ii)on the application date they are not partners or shareholders in the company in question or in another Romanian legal entity and they haven’t had these qualities in the past 2 years;

(iii)there is no other foreigner at the company in question, who has obtained a right of residence for this purpose;

(iv)the company in question has made a capital contribution or a technology transfer worth at least 50,000 Euros;

d)those who apply to enter the territory of Romania for the purpose of undergoing unpaid professional training with an accredited professional training provider or in a public or private company authorised in accordance with the laws in force to conduct such activities, provided they cumulatively fulfil the following conditions:

(i)they have concluded a training contract for unpaid participation in a type of training with an accredited training provider, or with a public or private company, authorised under the law to conduct such activities;

(ii)they have the means of subsistence in the amount of at least the average gross monthly salary for the entire period recorded in the visa;

(iii)in the case of underage foreigners, they must have their parents’ or legal guardian’s approval to stay on the territory of Romania for this purpose.

e)those who carry out activities within volunteering programs, if they demonstrate that they cumulatively fulfil the following conditions:

(i)theyhave entered into a volunteer agreement with a non-profit legal person governed by public law or private law, hereinafter referred to as host organization, in which reference is made to the activity to be carried out, the conditions under which they are supervised in the performance of their duties, and to the working hours;

(ii)the host organisation provides the accommodation, financial means and the medical insurance for the entire validity period of the visa, as well as the potential costs related to repatriation measures;

(iii)they are 14 years of age and over;

(iv)in the case of underage foreigners, they must have their parents’ or legal guardian’s approval to stay on the territory of Romania for this purpose;

f)those foreigners who undergo long-term medical treatment within public or private medical institutions, if they submit a letter of acceptance from the respective institutions, specifying the diagnosis and the duration of the treatment. This type of visa may also be granted to a potential companion, who assists such a foreigner who is unable to take care of himself, if this is expressly mentioned in the letter of acceptance;

g)those foreigners who carry out activities that are not in breach of the Romanian laws in force, if they justify their presence on the territory of Romania.

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