The long-stay visa for employment is granted to foreigners for the purpose of employment on the territory of Romania with an employer.

The visa application must be accompanied by the following documents:

a)copy of the employment permit issued in accordance with the legislation in force regarding the employment and secondment of foreigners on the territory of Romania, or, as the case may be, documents attesting that the applicant belongs to one of the following categories set out below;

b)proof of the means of subsistence at the national minimum guaranteed basic salary guaranteed for payment for the entire duration mentioned in the visa;

c)a criminal record certificate or other document of the same legal value, issued by the authorities of the state of domicile or residence;

d)medical insurance during the validity period of the visa.

The visa application submitted under a vacancy notice for seasonal workers, which does not mention that the employer provides accommodation for the applicant, must be accompanied, in addition to the documents mentioned, by the proof of accommodation conditions that can provide him/her with an adequate living standard for the entire duration of the stay, in the form of a firm reservation at an accommodation facility, an act of ownership or rental of a residence in Romania on behalf of the applicant or an authenticated declaration regarding the provision of adequate accommodation conditions for the applicant, given by the holder of a right of ownership or use of a residence on the territory of Romania.

The foreigner may apply for a long-stay visa for employment within 60 days from the date of receipt of the employment notice by the employer. The visa is approved by the National Visa Centre within 10 days of the date of submission of the visa application without the need to obtain the work permit.

The long-stay visa for employment also attests the foreigner's right to work on the territory of Romania.

In the case of foreigners who submit a vacancy notice for seasonal workers, the long-stay visa for employment is granted for a period equal to the expected duration of the contract plus 5 days, without exceeding 90 days.

A long-stay visa for employment as a seasonal worker shall be accompanied by a written information in at least one international language on the rights and obligations of the foreigner holding the visa, including the procedures related to complaints.

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