Long-stay visa for studies may be granted upon request to foreigners, who apply for entry on Romanian territory as a student or participating in a student exchange program.

Those foreigners have the status of students, who were admitted to study by a state or private educational institution, accredited or provisionally authorized under the law, including for taking part in doctoral courses.

(4)Foreigners participating in a student exchange program must be aged, as a rule, between 7 and 19 years of age.

(5)The foreign scholars of the Romanian state are not be obliged to present the documents stipulated in paragraph (3) lit. (a) (ii) and (iii), and those of Romanian origin are not obliged to submit the documents provided in paragraph (3) lit. (a) (iii).

(6)The visa referred to in paragraph (1) shall also be granted to foreigners admitted to studies on the basis of international documents to which Romania is a party.

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